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Emergency Plumber Service

Stop the Leak Now and Call Emergency Plumber Services 

When the washing machine or dishwasher fails, you may end up with water rapidly flooding your home. When that happens, don't hesitate to call for help! Here at Art's Plumbing LLC, we are ready to help with emergency plumber services in the Reno area. Whether it is a clogged sewer drain, burst pipe, or a broken disposal unit, don't let it ruin your entire weekend. Our dispatchers are available 24/7 to help you minimize the damage and ready to send a plumber to your home. 


Once we have the water shut off to the problem area, we will develop a repair plan to get your home back in working order. We provide fast written quotes and are happy to help you keep your budget under control. If you are in need of emergency plumber service around Reno, call us as soon as you see a situation developing and stop your home from being swamped by serious water damage.

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